Style Section!

Style Section!

Style Section!!!
Are you the person who does not now how to dress up? What clothes to wear? Well this might be the page that will blow away those days away! On WoozDeadline we know fashion. We can tell you small little tips that may just be enough so YOU can be one of the trendiness person on WoozWorld. So visit this page often if you want to look as glamourous as Velvet and Fluff or as handsome as Aero and Wayne. Enjoy this fabulous site!

Hey Guys the new Arctic Fest clothes are pretty good if you know how to dress ;) To make this outfit work I think you need a nice minty color nothing to dark. Everything in this outfit is from the new Collection except for my jeans (Pop Jeans). Personally the jeans woozworld has provided for the new arctic fest guy clothes aren't the best. So remember Nice minty colors
Arctic Trapper Hat: 69 wooz
Arctic Skull Coat: 119 wooz
Pop Jeans (not from collection): 47 wooz
Arctic socks and boots: 49 wooz

Some Examples....

Your Blogger On trial Aero

Hey guys Im gonna show you a little outfit I put together (I will be posting a new one everyday) So tell me if you like it
The ears shirt and the bone part and belt of the zombie legs should be the same color (hair any color) (The vest of the rockstar should be black and everything else should also be black. ~Justin

Tar's Fashion Tip Of The Day

Hi everyone! :D I'm Taryn330 and I'm honored to be given a trial for Woozworld Deadline! ;D Thanks Vel!
Anyways,moving on..Today's tip is going to be about ways to style a's item is...POOL PARTY TOP! This top is fashionable yet simple! Below are some pictures and the items are listed at the also where you can get the items and prices! ;)

Outfit 1: I paired the pool party top in this outfit with the following;

Celebration Haircut-103 wooz in Stylz Shop.

Cute Japanese Skirt-NOT SOLD IN PUBLIC,Try looking in catalog for this item!
Yeti Boots-189 wooz in Shopz.

Outfit 2: I paired the pool party top in this outfit with the following;

Kitty hat with rebellion-NOT SOLD IN PUBLIC,Try looking in catalog for this item!
Classic minishorts-99 wooz in Shopz.
Laced flip flops-79 wooz in Shopz.

Outfit 3: I paired the pool party top in this outfit with the following;

Long hair with flowers-160 wooz in Shopz.
Majorette skirt-NOT SOLD IN PUBLIC,Try looking in catalog for this item!
Yeti boots-189 wooz in Shopz.

All 3 of these outfits are unique,fashionable and cheap! Enjoy this post and have a great day! ;)

Until next time...

~Tar ♥

Syd's Favorite Outfit #1!

So im gonna start posting some of my most favorite outfits so today,
 here is a nice outfit, Great for parties and stuff! XD

so the hair is one of my most favorite hairstyles it has nice braids on top lol but its just the greatest one Ive ever seen lol Hard to Explain O_o
and the Dress, its really great for parties once you colored it to black LOL it was in my inventory for a long long long time and I dont wear it much :I
and the shoes, well im not really a shoe lover lol but i love some comfortable ones i dont wear heels often cause it hurts my foot :"> and yes in the pic im wearing heels but it dint show up when I edit that and you can use this outfit and copy the dress color lol  && sorry if the pic is something lil blurred idk xD cuz i can be a little crappy when it comes to those ;( and yes, yes, yes and YES everything is available on ShopZ! as Always! :))))) 

Dani's Fashion PitStop
WORK IT SMOOCHIE! xD Yes, I've been watching alot of Honey Boo Boo xP 
Everyone likes to look beautimous don't they?  Well I have an outfit that will lead you to beauty :D
So right now it's like 70 degrees outside ^-^  I love the weather right now!!  You can basically to anything because its not freezing cold or flaming hot (where I'm at) !!  I love going for long walks at the park when the weather is this beautiful.  It's also a great time to get out there and play some sports!  I personally like Tennis :D Too much chit chat! Lets get to it!
 This hair gives you that cool look xD I like these kinda of hats because it complements your head :D I think it looks a little bit better on people with long hair, because if you have short hair and wear this wont be able to see your hair 0-0.   The top is AMAZING :D I've always loves see thought shirts :DD But..nobody wants to wear a see though shirt and nothing under it..that's just wrong xD So, this one has an UNDER shirt.  It makes it look cool because some see thought shirts have designs.  Its better if the bottom one is a different color, that way it'll look colorful :D What better way to add some sparkle to your outfit than to wear some bracelets?!  This shirt includes a couple of bracelets.
 I've always been in love with shorts xD  If you have beautiful legs, SHOW THEM OFF! xD If you don't wear some jeans if you'd like.  I decided to leave the short the color they already were because they look fabulous!  It has some pockets for your cell or anything else xp
 Tommy's are very popular now days.  These shoes look A LOT like Toms.  This type of shoes goes with basically anything.  That's why I love them!  Yes, they are a little expensive, but not on WW xD
This is a pic of these garments but in real life:
                         Pretty right? :D


Here's the one on ww:

 I Hope You Liked It! :D

FashionBOOM xD
Ello mates. xD ...Ok so I have more fashion for the Fall Season :3  At my's been chilly these few days and it might rain :o SOOO I thought a hoodie would be good.  I mean, it works for anything, if it gets cold it warms you up!  If it rains, it covers you! :D The shorts  well...I personally don't like wearing pants in fall because what if it rains? It'll be all soggy D: And the boots! Well they don't really look like rain boots, so it looks stylish and you're covered for when it pours cx I LOVVEEE This hair c; Plus sometimes in the fall it tends to get sticky icky xD so you're hair sticks to your face and neck eww xc This stylish bun keeps the hair out of your face :D  I also like to wear this with zombie legs xD
Here's a pic xp
And this is what you need:
Messy Bun with Headbands (Clearance) (Cost: 59w)
The Yeti Fan (Clearance, Last Page) (Cost: 99w)
Studded Shorts (Girls, Bottoms) (Cost: 99w)
Tiger Rain Boots (Girl, Shoes) (Cost: 99w)

FashionBAM xD
Hey there :) Today I'm going to show you another of my favorite outfits.  This one I didnt mix and match, I actually used the whole outfit.  I know its kinda old but its still stylish.  You can find it on 'Clearance' in 'Shopz'.  As I told you before I went from Blue, Black, and White to PurpleWhite, and Gray.  
The season is Fall right?  So, I'ts not so cold but not so hot.  It's perfect. This outfit gives you that Chic look, yeah it might make you look a little girly,  but I got an Ankle Tattoo for that.  It evens it out.  This outfit makes you look....fresh? 0.0 xD  Who ever see's you will probably think 'Damn she's got style' or 'That gurl knows how to partyyyy' xD 
Any ways here's what you need. 
Hair: "Summer Camp Cutie" (Cost: 189w)
Torso: "Summer Camp Romper Top" (Cost: 139w)
Legs: "Summer Camp Romper" (Cost: 89w)
Shoes (in this occasion Tattoo): "Ankles Delight" (cost: 49w) (found under Boys Shoes)


Hey guys, well I wanted to make my own type of fashion statement like our blogger Ginny (even though shes the ultimate fashionista of this blog) so I decided this post would be about woozworld's new collection: HALLOWEEN!!
I absolutely love the season of halloween, crisp gold and maple red leaves. And most of all my favorite holiday...costumes, makeup, candy, parties, trick-or-treating! the whole bibbity-bobbity-boo pumpkin deal xD Ok, so today I have 2 different outfits from the halloween collection but not ALL pieces are from the collection..Confused?? Well look forward and see xD

New and totally Mummy-licious! 
Ok well first of all the only halloweepiece of clothing Im wearing is the top. It is called Mummy Mesh Top. My combination of the entire outfit was a blood red with a hint of white. I absolutely love this color combination. I also love this top because it has a ripped style making it look EDGY and the fact that there are no sleeves makes it look 3pic! Now moving onto my hair.. Its blonde and its called Super Cool Side-Braids. I really love this piece! It has a shiny highlighted GLOW of blonde. It also shows my face clearly and my face is a pinky Innocent with Makeup Face!! This is my favorite type of face because I usually wear a base color of white and light makeup is what I work with :) It also makes my freckles tatoo clear. Well lets go further down to my shorts...these are garden party shorts :D They are really cheap like about 6 wooz only but they look really cool :) But sadly you can't find them in Shopz but try the catalog search or stylz. I really love these shorts because they aren't too long and they are folded from the bottom which makes them look reallllll nice ;) And finally the shoes are high canvas unlaced! Well I am a converse lover and my shoe laces are usually untied and these are the closest kind of shoes like that in woozworld ;) and i usually wear them with shorts cuz it loooks amazayn :D So guys try and create this hallow-tastic outfit but use your OWN color schemes (light colors work best) and put a little bit of your own personality to create the purrrfect outfit :)

Older and Wickeder
Ok so this outfit is 100% Halloween. All the clothing but the Hair is from last year's Halloween Collection. As you can probably tell I luv RED and RED is a mega Halloween color. Blood Creepy? Well...Lets start from head to toe. The shoes are Sorceress Boots which can only be found in shopz and they look good with short pants or even skirts and im not just talking bout halloweebut at ALL times :) Ok moving up to the pants which is the Dark Princess' Skirt. LUV this skirt because it looks kind of goth like, because it has open-leggings as well as a skirt on top which is super Spooky because of it's ripped effect. I think this skirt is fashionable enough for Halloweebut my style doesnt fit this skirt for a year-long period but if it does for you, go ahead fashionistas Ok now ze top! Its simply called Tank Top and I literally use these kinds of tops for everything It is perfect for this outfit because it looks real fly xD meaning you get a little belly action and its sleeveless giving you the dark yet cute look. Finally onto the highlight of this entire outfit...the hair! Which is called Mummy FLow The orinal type of hair before i coloreit has highlights its just that i kept mine the same color to create this luscious bloored with a thick black pony tail to tie it up. I think this is totally gorge and the animators did a fantabulous job adding it into the new collection. I imagine this would go with anything except jackets cuz its so incredibly long xD But either way its hair to DIE for and Sadlthats what most people have to do. Because in order to buy this hair you need to have a Preztige level of 23 or higher! But hopefully the animators will change it soon so that everyone has a chance to buy this fab hair. I topped this hair off with BLACK makeup using INNOCENT Face to match the black base of the outfit. I imagine cutie or studious face would look good with this hair too. So this is a must have outfit *the colors are mine sorry!! but choose any color, why not orange and black? ;)

Well I hope you guys got the low-down on my fav parts of the new HaLlOwEecollection. Add your own style and colorto these outfits too! Happy Halloweeeennnn :)

I haven't done a style post in a while so here I go.
This outfit gives a SOFT and Comfy Look :)) I'd suggest light colors with a highlight of white or black. My example is my own coded pink with a white touch.
Hair - Archery Side-Braid
Top - Love Shirt
Pants - Shredded Shorts (Any shorts will do actually)
Shoes Yeti Boots or Fur Boots
Face - Innocent (Beauty or Studious could work too)

So that is basically what I am wearing currently, its stylish and has a hint of the new collection but the entire outfit isn't that new :)
But guys I would appreciate it if you didn't use this pink but come up with your own awesome color codes :))

Love you my beauties :)

A bit of fashion
Hey beauties x3  This is one of my favorite outfits!   You guys know that I love blue, so my outfit is mostly BLUE :D  Zombie Legs are very umm popular? xD  But I wanted it to be classy/casual, so for the hair I chose 'Glamourz Braid' because it gives your hair that beautiful look and it brings it to life with the flowers :3  Yes, it's supposed to be for prom, but who said you couldn't look gorgeous when ever you wanted?!  Anyways!  Lets get to the top.  I like this top because it gives your outfit that fresh summer look.  It's a tank top with a light vest and some jewelry to give it that POP xD .  Its called 'Relaxed tank with vest'.   Everyone knows what bottom this is.  Yep, 'Zombie Legs' I chose it because basically everyone is wearing them '-'  I also use them for about every other of my outfits xD Anyways I find it very cool how you can see the bones and stuff :D  And the shoes, 'Retro Sneakers' They are also very commonly used in woozworld.  They remind me of Jordans, am I the only one? 0-0 So yeah I chose them because they look cool and since im always in a hurry I want to be comfortable,  I mean nobody likes running with heels right? 0.0  OH YEAH! I forgot the face xD  It's obviously 'Cutie Make-Up', I wear the same one with everything.  Why?  Well, no matter what you're wearing it always looks so pretty!  Mine is white lipstick, and black eye shadow.  Yes, I also got a tan.  I decided it was time for a change, so I got a tan and I also changed my eye color.  It used to be dark blue, but now its light blue cx  Here's the pic.
 You can change the colors if you'd like.
-Danisaur cx


Just like Ginny, I'm super excited about Halloween :D Scaring little kids, dressing in cute costumes, and getting free candy!!!! Last year on Halloween, I decided to buy um like 100 costumes XD and wowza, I did 0-0 So here are some pictures XD

These are just ideas :D


Hey Guys James Here Again, I Found a Jokerz Outfit At Shopz So I Bought It xD
Note: Whole Outfit is in Shopz.

Hey Guys,New style for boys here:

Hair: Authority

Top: Headphone Sweater

Pants: Rock Jeans

Shoes: Cool Colorful Sneakers

James :)

WoozWoodz Campz Week 4!!!

Hey guys!!!!! I just logged onto Woozworld a few moments ago and i came across these ADORABLE SPOOKY LOOKS!! I instantly FELL IN LOVE, I was like "WOAH!!! BRAIDS!?!? SHORT CARDIGANS, PONYTAILS!?! AM I IN HEAVEN xD?!!" So I OF COURSE brought them!!! The adorable new BRAIDS HAIR has a little big puff behind the braids that make it look so CUTE when it frames the cheekbones of the face! I paired it with a ADORABLE SOUTHERN SWEETIE dress and some cute little flats from the a-woozing race! Something old is never out of the season!!!! So, I took some picture...the braids and dress looked so TAYLOR SWIFT and COUNTRY whereas the SHIRT andPONYTAIL looked soo NEW YORK CITY MODERN! All these clothing at WoozWoodz Camp will sooo OUTSHINE the styles from last week! So, here are the pictures of the outfits I chose to MIX and MATCH! Enjoy!!!!(:

So the first I one I chose was "City Flair!" First is the NEW WOOZWOODZ SHIRT: Relaxed Tank and Vest. This very cute modern shirt with a sleeveless cardigan vest is sooo NEW YORK CITY! When I'm around the city i see these trends ALL OVER the place and they're soooo CUTE! They were originally paired with these kinda cutoff capris pants, but I wanted more of a chic city modern look, so I opted for one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES: Animal Party Skirt!!!! It brings out the figure and the slender legs but it still is modern and modest! I didn't want the look TOO mature and old, so I went with some adorable everyday High Canvas Unlaced for a cute girl-boyish look. My makeup is very simple, Innocent and Cutie is definitely my all time... a very pale PEACH look to keep everything light and simple! This outfit can soo be shipped into the new Fall Season for its soo School Fun for like parties, picture day, even football games!!! Overall, I loove this look and I cant wait to see what YOU GUYS have in store!
 Next is the "Country Sweetheart" outfit! This one is like a TOTAL TRANSFORM from "City Flair" but is sooo SWEET and CUTE! Take NewYorkCity in the morning, hit the hay fields at noon!!! This simple, yet down-to-earth: Outdoorsy Denim Dress is soo ADORABLE and SIMPLE!!! A little BACKPACK in the back for any small adventure items and mom's lunch box of bread to hold is soo CUTE!!!! I'm thinking about soo getting it for ma school bag lol xD The Outdoorsy Braids's name says it all!!! A very outdoors look, MESSY and LOADS OF FUN! This hair brings back the old country look with the signature DOUBLE PLAIT Braids!!! So classic and definitely a bring into Fall!!I paired this very country look with some fun: Fun Summer Flats..haha even the flats are"fun" xD. For every girl needs them when you're in the country and you need something fun to skip and jump in the hay with!Overall my makeup is also light, but darker then the "City Flair" one though you can't tell in this picture, but due to the darker tone of the dressy, the makeup went darker with it too! The freckles tattoo is sooo CUTE especially with this outfit but the country sunshine is bitter and leaves its mark! I looove this look for its soo CLASS and CUTE!!
Hope you enjoyed the litte intro of the new WoozWoodz Fashionz! And I cant wait to see YOUR OUTFITS next!!! Ciao for now my fashionistas,
Ginny-Kins <3 span="">

Hey guys!! As summer is coming to a SADLY the sun goes into hiding and as the days get cooler, fashion always stays HOT, HOT, HOTTT!!! So today, I bring you my FIRST FALL TRANSFORM OUTFIT! School classified and cute as ever! So here we go my looovies xD!!
              For today's outfit I chose a hippy yet classy headband with a twist. The long hair that falls can get a little boring at times, so why not spice it up with an ADORABLE headband :o? Brings back the 80's with this classy hippy hairband that goes just above the bands and adds a little puff to the first layer closest to your eyelash. I opted for a peachy look for its sooo fall yet it still had the pastel of summer to it. Early Stepember isn't that cold and this outfit will be PURR-FECT! A classic sweater and scarf match with some downtown shorts and some sneakers are SOO SCHOOL FRIENDLY! A little bit of blush and makeup to pull it together is a GREAT choice and it still is classy! I changed my usual very pale Innocent with Makeup color to a darker peach to match the rest of the outfit but its still light and with Class(; A nice everyday Classicz' GF's  shirt with scarf is TRES CUTE for the arrival of fall along with my ALL TIME FAVORITES: CLASSIC MINISHORTS!!To add some rebel yet, simple go girl look, I chose the canvas tops untied to add a school yet rebel experience..for matter how good, we are bad ;) To top this ALL OFF is the Pool Party Headband..this hair title says it ALL!! Though it is summer, it can create the FALL APPEARANCE with the correct looks! Freckles always for me and my light peach color! Hope you guys enjoy and I'll See you soon!!(:
Forever Loves,

Hey Guys James Here,I just found another stylish looks for boys xD

Light Purple And White:
Flip And Switch
Striped Sleep Shirt
Zombie Pants (In Black Market)
High Canvas Unlaced

Black And White:
Zombie Sleep Mask
Striped Sleep Shirt
Pirate Pajama Pants
Retro Sneakers

Black And Red:
Flip And Switch
T-Shirt With Scarf
Zombie Pants (In Black Market)
Moo Moos


3llo Guys James here XD
I notice im not posting often srry D: but dont worry here I post some of my fav. outfit :DD
Here is the items:

Hair: Flip And Switch
Top: Striped Sleep Shirt
Pants: Pirate Pajama Pants
Feet: Sporty Camp Slippers

There u go guys :DD it could be any color u like!

Its ok if u copy it, just want to give new nice styles for boys hope u like it :)



    Hey guys! If you already took a glance at the title, you would already know that this will be a HUGE fashion statement on Classic Minishorts! So a quick, brief intro about Classic Minishorts; now these summery short shorts are sooo IN right now! I go to Woozen Stores and Sales and see them at prices as high as 600 wooz! Now, they certainty aren't worth that price of course, when they were out they were 99 wooz but hey...rares are worth the price ;) at least to me xD Classic Minishorts are AMAZING shorts and they look GORGEOUS dressed anyway in my opinion. Boots, heels, even flip-flops work! Whether its a girly girl look with a fancy top and high heels or the girl-next-door with sneakers and a loose top, these make an AMAZING fashion statement on the streets! Now here are some pictures of ME over the summer and a few months ago wearing Classic Minishorts with many different outfits as you can see farther down..these outfits will give you examples of what you can use them for and it will give you a nice image of how WONDERFULLY AMAZING these shorts can be! And hey ladies, summer is a huggeee for shorts..dont get me wrong (; Well I hope you enjoy! And I'll see you later ma loovies!(:
*Now I put the names of things, NOT all Can find in Shopz or around Woozworld commonly but of course different owners have different prices on their minds! So keep that in mind!*

Left Picture:                Right Picture:
Hair: Trendy Prom Hairstyle      Hair: Wide Glasses and Long Hair
Shirt: Black Stripes     Shirt: Hip Hop Vest
Pants: Classic Minishorts (Both)
Shoes: Rock Boots    Shoes: Moo Moo Slippers

Left Picture:       Right Picture:
Hair: Z-Princess Hairstyle   Hair: Arctic Hat For Her
Shirt: Shirt with Suspenders Shirt: T-Shirt with Scarf for Him
Pants: Classic minishorts (both)
Shoes: Winter Boots (both)

Left Picture:        Right Picture:
Hair: Z-Princess Hairstyle    Hair: Cotton Hat
Shirt: Sports Jacket    Shirt: '20z Fashionista
Pants: Classic Minishorts (both)
Shoes: Inuit Shoes (both)

Lots of Love,

Ginny-Winny <3 span="">

   Now this outfit I put together is simple with and edge..A sporty yet edgy Sports Jacket starts it off! I chose 3 colors, Now I noticed how many woozens only try one or two colors in their outfits, which i find soo dull sometimes...try another color! Be creative! I chose a black jacket with light pink assets for I started off with only the Classic minishorts and Inuit I wanted an outfit out of it. Now the shoes were 3 colors, and i was thinking why not something with also 3 colors for the top? So I chose black and pink assets with a white shirt inside for I wanted it to POP against my Classic mini shorts....My hair is very simple, classic beret , I love this hair for you can wear it dressed up or down. You can find only the hair and shirt in Shopz, as for the shorts and boots, Catalog Search is always good. The Classic Minishorts are rlly trendy now and are as high as 400 wooz so they are rather expensive but they are tres cute! the Inuit Shoes are very cute boots with little poms poms, Catalog Search again and depends on the owner or seller they can be as high as 1000 wooz but i got mine around 400 I believe. As for my makeup...Its Innocent with Makeup and a soft peachy color..lighter than most makeup I see around but I loove the natural clean look (also available in Shopz). My tattoo is Freckles...which I loooooove!!! So cute and I love how if you don't look close see just a clean face which Im a huge fan of, for Im not much a girly girl and I want to look as neutral as possible. Well thats my outfit and I have some pictures! So Enjoy my looovies and I'll see you guys soon!(:

Loves! Ginny(:

Hair: Z-Princess Hairstyle (345w in Shopz)
Shirt: Sports Jacket (price: 159w in Shopz)
Pants: Classic minishorts (prices depending on the owner of the store usual ranges 300w - 450w)
Shoes: Inuit Shoes (prices depending on the owner of the store usual ranges 295w - 1000w)

Hey Guys I have a cool Neon Blue and white outfit and its ok if u copy idc I just want to share it and it could be any color u like:

Hair: The Flip And Switch Look
Top: T-Shirt With Scarf For Him
Pants: Z-Stylish Pants
Shoes: Retro Sneakers


Hey Deadliners :)!
I absolutely love this outfit! It is one of my FAVORITE outfits of all time xD Its really simple and I seen alot of people wear it..the two pieces have been very popular lately and they are so cute!

Hair: Back to School
Shirt: Indonesian Shirt
Skirt: Cute Japanese Skirt
Shoes: Country Girl Boots

I think outfits are easiest to pull off with lighter skin. If your colors are usually light and pastel like the pic above, blonde or nearly white-ish hair looks amazing. It gives off that angelic yet sweet girly look. The Cute Japanese skirt the skirt part is hard for the color to look good, so I usually go with white or something color that pulls off the dull look, but the sash should pop out and be eye catching. Neon looks amazing with black hair, gives out that rocker, dark look while creams and blues look amazing with brown hair. Whatever your style comfortable on how you look is the best advice you can take.

I want to show you this hair style i see ALOT in woozworld, like at a party, beach/pool, banks, schools, etc! It is super cute!

It is called the Lovely Bow! Fashionable and Gorgeous!


Hey guys Blaze here , this time i am here with a amazing swagg look for boys, its kinda expensive but its one of ma best looks so hope all of you like it copy if u can i wouldnt really mind, colors i used are blak and white and only blak and white.  The Stuff u need for this swag look is
Hair: Rockstar Cut
Top:Printed Button Shirt
Legs:Pleated Jeans - Boy ( this jeans is kinda rare and hard to find)
Feet:Stars Kick
approx cost: around 2000 wooz and beex
U can use any color main color combos would be;
blak and white
red and blak
blue and white

About Face u can pik any face i removed ma face coz i like it with no face XP
I will be soon coming with more swagg looks

 These are 4 outfits I like to wear :)
  1) Princess Mya Hair
  2) Lovely Bow
  3) Rebellion for Her
  4) Rock Queen Hairstyle

  1) Romantic Costume Boy Torso
  2) Trendy Tank Top
  3) Indonesian Shirt  
  4) Poker Player
   1) Comfy Jeans
   2) Cute Japanese Skirt
   3) Cute Japanese Skirt
   4) Angel's skirt with tulle

    1) Urbanz' GF's Kicks
    2) Winter Boots
    3) Winter Boots
    4) Winter Boots


Casual Outfit For Boyz:

Hair: Flip And Switch With Fedora
Top: Light Weight Indian Shirt
Pants: Pop Master's Jeans
Shoes: Cool Prom Sneakers


Hey guys its been a while since the last style update so here I am.
Well those of you who know me, well, I'm not that girly so I like to add a pinch of guyz fashion to my outfits. For instance for this outfit I added a guyz hoodie to my clothes and compared it to aeros style, so heres something both guys and girls can wear:
Hair-Rock Queen Hairstyle
Top-COMFY SWEATER (and make sure to make the tatoo according to your skin color so that you don't look to manly)
Pants- Any shorts will do but make sure they are either white or black (according to your base color). 
*Every outfit needs a touch of black or white\
Shoes- Z-Princess Shoes (your base color and the laces should be white or black)

Hair- Rock God Hair
Pants- Pop Jeans (Either Black or white according to your base color)
Shoes - Z-Stylish Sneakers (Laces should be black or white)

Well there you have it, proving girls can rock guys fashion too! Who says you can't wear it off? ;)

Hey guys It's Aero here giving you new fashion tip. I was searching through the shopz icon when I found really nice "Pop Jeans". So I bough them in white, (in my opinion white looks best) and the interesting part I found about them was that they don't fully over up you legs and reach a bit above you ankles. Sort of like capris for men. I figured that I needed high- tops or boots for this outfit which would cover up my entire legs. So I recommend you to go out there and buy "Pop Jeans". Don't always try and play it safe by wearing slim jeans, pants, or shorts. I have to outfits for examples for you. Try Capris!!!

Outfit includes:
Rock God Hair
Comfy Sweater
Pop Jeans
Z-Stylish Sneakers

Outfit includes:
Rock God Hair
Country Boy top 
Pop Jeans
B-Boy Boots


10cece10 here and I want to show you another style I usually wear:                                                                           
Hair: Celebration haircut
 Beex: 103    Wooz: 103
Face: Cutie Face
Wooz: 150
Top: Puffed corset
Beex: 142  Wooz: 99

Bottom: Angel's skirt with tulle
Wooz: 299

Shoes: Winter Boots
Wooz: 150

As you all know, fluff did our first WoozWorld Deadline interview on an amazing and fun woozen, CHANEL185!! Well she is an amazing fashion designer, as you know woozband was in love with some of her clothes they actually designed them and now are available in woozworld! Well the whole staff feels like you should witness her designs on her YouTube channel! 
Here is some of her outstanding work but for more make sure you check out her styles at the link given:

Heyya guys! its me fluff =D i've decided to interview famous woozens for y'all every week,and this week i was lucky enough to get an interview with woozworld's famous CHANEL185!! =D ..she is really sweet and friendly and she made me feel so comfortable like a friend when i was taking the interview!! :) here are the questions i asked her
What made u join woozworld and how long have u played ? :)
Well, long time ago I was playing games such as: dress up,adventure games,short games,make up games etc. and on one of them I saw small icon ''WoozWorld'' and I was like: Let's see what is this? And then the first time when I started to play (almost 2 years ago)  I was so interested in it and I was just keep playing and enjoying the game until now and I hope I will enjoy it in future. 
Have u always been into fashion? and who inspired u? :)
- Yes, I just love fashion! When I was younger I was playing with dolls and I was actually making clothes for them. Ah it was so fun! Now I'm more into technology so I'm drawing things on computer and especially clothes,Well my inspiration is my mom. I really love her style and when I grow up I want to be like her even if she is now Master of Law and Economics.
 which animator is ure fashion inspiration and idol ?
-Well Animators and Moderators are here to make our WoozWorld better place for us.My favorite Animator was StylaZ but unfortunately she quitted. However for now I don't really have my woozband idol.
 How do woozens who have talents like u in fashion, expand their career? :)
-Well they could send and write their ideas in special idea podz in WoozWorld Plaza.And I recommend everyone to just keep trying even if they don't answer fast,try to be patient.
 What type of clothing should woozens wear to stay fashionable like u at the moment ? :)
Ah well. That's good question.I personally think that everyone should have own style and don't just copy popular woozens. However if you want to stay fashionable you should always wear different stuff,it's the best if you could wear new clothes to stay in trendy but If you don't have money to buy it then for summer is best to wear cute shorts or puffy skirts or whatever that is in neon yellow color or neon it looks pretty on your tan from sun.
 Who would u say is ure favourite fashionable celebrity? -My favourite fashionable celebrity is Ashley Tisdale but as Sharpay in High School Musical. I think it's because she always wears pink clothes and my favorite color is pink and she wears cute outfit all the time! But as real Ashley, I still like her style but not as much as Sharpay.  Just for the kick of it and for the woozens info, who would u say is ure 'guy' at the moment? (celeb or woozen) ? :p -Ah,I'm really not into this! For now I am not interested in ''boys'' and I think I'm small for it so none right now.  Any tips to woozens out there who wanna excel in fashion like u? =D 
- Well tips are:Never give up!It's important to try!Keep trying!Play with colors,experiment!
I had such a great time interviewing her and it was a pleasure to meet such an AMaZING woozen.. till next week for another interview guys!! :DD 
10cece10 here and I want to tell you about my style! I usually wear: Hair: Folk/Country Hairstyle (89 Wooz) Face: Cutie and Make Up (150 Wooz) Shirt: Fan of the Hippy Style (104 Wooz) Pants/Shorts: Urbanz Jeans (59 Wooz) Shoes: Winter Boots (150 Wooz)

 Hey guys! 10cece10 here to tell you something. Have you ever noticed the Innocent Face? I have and for some reason I noticed a difference sometimes in it. Some woozens might think i'm wrong but I think it looks diferent with your eye color. It looks better with blue or darke eye color like a dark green, brown, black, dark etc. Here are some pics! :D
sup people of woozworld! =D did u guys know that the outfit below was inspired by chanel185 in woozworld? she is an extremely talented woozworld fashion designer and she started off on a small scale by posting videos of clothes she had designed on the animators wallz! and ofcourse the animators saw her amazing talent and added her to fashion designing team! some of the new clothes were wearing were designed by chanel185 and she she designs her clothes according to what famous disney celebs like miley cyrus and selena gomez wear,isnt that great? =D i personally love chanel185's work and to check out more of her epic designs check her woozin :)..below is an outfit that chanel designed and was inspired by hannah montana! =D
 Hey Woozens!! This is one of my favorite outfits!! It includes new clothing so it will look gorgeous nowadays! It includes: -Hairstyle with feather Earings. -Cutie with Makeup #3 - Winter Boots -Any Shorts will do. - Springs Flower Dress (available in the WoozSecrets App) To pull this outfit off you can use any hair color, but probably would look best on a lighter skin tone. You can make your clothing any color but I suggest one main color that compliments either a hint of black or white. I choose black as the base with a white belt, and white winter boots to compliment the belt. The earrings match the dress because I want a steady black base and not to much of white. I hope these tips were enough to buy these clothes!!                                                                                                                              --VelvetDust--
A Romantic Italian singer.
Do you want to be that boy singing to the girl you love. No boy would never say no to that, so you need clothes to wear. So look at the picture below of me, the face may look wacky to you but you can always change it I recommend smirky or happiness but the choice depends on you . This may not be the fashion tip you are looking for but stay tuned for more because I think we need to call the HOT doctor because the girls will be posting shortly.
                        --The beloved AeRO-- 
  hey guys! so this is directed to all the girl woozens out there! obviously each and every girl woozen in woozworld wants to keep up with the latest trends by dressing up in all the latest outfits,but not all the woozens can afford to waste wooz every time a new outfit comes out just to stay in fashion.So here's my advice to such woozens,never fear guys cuz u can re-use and recycle :) doesnt mean that if ure wearing clothes of the past ure not gonna look ure best cuz obviously those outfits were popular at one point in woozworld items that are kind of old yet still worn by everything other woozen includes -winter boots,anklets,long curly hair style,and many more..u know these outfits that people see u in and say theyre old,let them know that at some point in woozworld,those outfits will be regarded as rare! :D and nowadays rare items are sold for over 7000 wooz! i personally still love some of my old woozworld outfits from back in the day (ive posted some below) basically all i wanna say is dont think ure 'low' 'poor' or 'un-popular' just because u wear old clothes ! just rock those outfits girl! and u should always remember that ure beautiful no matter what u wear ! :D 
Hey guys! so i wanted to give u guys a heads up that chucknorris has put zombie legs in his black market and as u all know these are REALLY rare! so better rush onto his black market and buy buy buy before they're finished! other rare items that u guys should be on the look out for if u wanna earn alot of wooz are, deadmau5 items,anything from deadmau5 shirts to deadmau5 furniture but the most rare deadmau5 items are definately the deadmau5 heads! people are buying them like crazy for over 9999 wooz! so if u got any of these items consider yourself really lucky cuz this could make u a super rich woozen!! ;) (be careful not to trade these deadmau5 heads as alot of people complain that they get scammed!)..other items that are rare at the moment would be the long curly hair style and the flip and switch is yet again on the really rare list!so be on the look out for these items as they could help u earn alot of wooz and plus these items look really epic when worn!i'll try and update u guys if i find more rare items but for now HAVE A NICE DAY WOOZENS AND KEEP ON ROCKING WOOZWORLD!! :D xXx

 Hey guys! 10cece10 here and I want to share some popular clothing items I have been seeing in Woozworld lately! The first clothing item I want to share with you is WinteBoots!!!!  Many woozens have these and sell these but they are sold in The Black Market made by +ChuckNorris! They cost 150 Wooz! Another item I see alot is.......... Z-PrincesHairstyle!!!! These aren't rare, they are sold in Shopz and they cost 345 Wooz, but some woozens sell them for a lower price. Keep reading Woozworld Deadline for style updates! :D Hope you liked my info!                                                  
Hey guys :) It's Selena! I'm
going to be showing you
one of my all time favs! And
yeah it may not suit others
but hey, i look smokin in it
XD jk jk! Enjoyyy :DDD

Hair: Princess Mya Hair Style

Shirt: RockStar Vest With Tattoo  

Pants: Zombie Legs

Shoes: Flower Anklet




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